Top Ten Reasons to Dump Your Old Microsoft Office

1. One click access. Are you a big fan of typing the same things over and over and over? Word 2019 gives you the ability to add Auto Text to your Quick Parts Gallery. Type your proprietary statement or your address or any other boilerplate once and have Word bring it into your document with one click.

2. Built-in photo editing. Using images in your PowerPoint or Word document doesn’t mean you have to fix it first in your photo editing software, then bring it into your Office file. Edit your image on the spot, including some fun artistic effects. (I used film grain on the photo above.)

3. Beyond rules. Outlook 2019 introduces Quick Steps, which allows you to go beyond the standard mail processing rules with just a few clicks to create. This feature can dramatically decrease the time you fuss over processing your mail.

4. Easy styling. Using styles in earlier versions of Word often meant time wasted fussing with settings and extra steps to change the appearance of a style. Now you can sneak peek what the style will look like before you click, add new styles and modify existing styles within seconds.

5. Easy to read spreadsheets. Cell styles are right on the Excel 2019 Home tab, so you can make your data much easier on the eyes with a click of one of the available styles.

6. A built-in PDF converter. Finally! Enough said.

7. Options at a glance. The File tab in Office 2019/365 is redesigned to clearly see your options on many tasks such as printing and saving. Pin frequently used documents so they don’t roll off the recent list.

8. A layout that makes sense. Getting used to the Ribbon may be awkward at first, but with proper training, you will see why it’s much more logical and intuitive then your having to memorize your old Office tool bar commands. And with 2019/365 you can now customize the Ribbon.

9. Tasks at a click. The Quick Access toolbar above the ribbon lets you pin common tasks so that you can get your work done quickly. Create your own buttons for tasks you repeat often!

10. Clean up the chatter. Tracking and cleaning up Conversations in Outlook! All the back and forth emails on a single subject are now collected in one spot and can be cleaned up in a click of a button.

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