Tips To Solve Outlook Express Error 0x800c133

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Outlook Express is a widely accepted e-mail client and serves as the perfect business e-mailing solution. The application creates a separate *.dbx file for each of the folders that you see in the list, for example . So unlike Microsoft Outlook, during file corruption, the symptoms is reflected in only the associated folder and not the entire e-mail store. Outlook Inbox is one of the critical folders that holds important incoming e-mails. Thus if the folder gets corrupted, you require a perfect Outlook Express Repair solution or need to restore the e-mails from the last backup.

An Outlook Express Inbox can get corrupt for several reasons. In such situations, it prompts errors while losing the capability to receive more e-mails. One of the common occurring error messages is ‘Unknown Error’ with error code ‘0x800c133’. You may also observe that some of the e-mails suddenly start disappearing from the Inbox.


If you receive error ”0x800c133′, restart the computer and try to duplicate the problematic behavior. If the issue persists, you should rename the corrupted file and restart Outlook Express. To do so, follow the steps mentioned underneath:

1)Click ‘Tools’ | ‘Options’ and then the ‘Maintenance’ tab
2)Click ‘Store Folder’ and copy or note the location of Outlook Express store folder
3)Close Outlook Express
4)Click ‘Start’ and then ‘Run’ and paste the location that you copied above. Alternatively, you can directly browse to the noted location. This will display the complete store of *.dbx files.
5)Select the file named ” and right-click above it
6)Click ‘Rename’ and type .
7)Start Outlook Express to create a new and error-free Inbox

To restore e-mails from corrupted Inbox, use your last backup or try to copy the e-mails from the Old Inbox (if possible). However, in case, none of these operations is feasible, use a third-party Outlook Express Repair Tool. These are easy to use and safe applications that repair and restore corrupted *.dbx files. The Outlook Express Repair software use powerful scanning algorithms to fix OE folder corruption.

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