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Microsoft is a multinational corporation, which develops, licenses manufacture and supports a variety of software products. Internet Explorer, Windows Live, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Mail, Microsoft Messenger for MAC and so are the Internet applications developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft Products
Microsoft Office contains Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power-Point as basic applications and along with this Access, Info-path, Publisher, One-note, and so are the additional applications. Microsoft Office Online and Microsoft Office Update are the Office web services.
Microsoft development environment contains Visual Source-safe, Code-view, and Visual Studio, but Visual Studio itself contains Visual Basic, Visual , Visual C++, Visual C#, and many others.
Microsoft develops a range of Utilities like Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Calculator, Microsoft Notepad, Microsoft Chart, Microsoft Security Essentials and so.

Revealing Microsoft Help
Microsoft offers help and support for all of its products and services. Whenever you need any assistance in working with its products, you can visit the Microsoft Support website. From this website, you can receive the latest news about its products; you can download software and Updates for its products, you can search its knowledge base for resolving your query, and you can contact a support professional through online, phone or e-mail.
You can resolve most of your technical queries related to Microsoft product with the help of its knowledge base. Suppose you want to play games from its Halo series, then you will get much information in this regard. You will receive information about the minimum system requirements for Halo, what to do when an error message appears, how to determine application compatibility with Windows 7, 8,10 and many others.
Microsoft Help website will provide you the information related to its products. If you are a Windows 10 user, then you will get help about how to perform disk error checking, how to troubleshoot startup problems, how to resolve sound problems, how to troubleshoot printer issues, an overview of Remote Assistance, how to configure and use Automatic Updates, and many more.

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