Skype – What, Why and How

What is Skype?
With the kind of publicity Skype finds itself surrounded with, most of us would be left wondering what Skype really is? Many people want to know about Skype and how much does it cost?
Skype is a VoIP service that was acquired by Microsoft on 13th October, 2011. It essentially allows users to communicate with each other for free. Users can exchange text messages, photos, videos and files, which is one of the major reasons for its ubiquitous popularity.
Video Calling is also an amazing feature used by most users of Skype. All one needs is a computer with internet connectivity and they are good to use its features. Subsequently, just download the software, install it, register yourself with any premium service and start enjoying! Courtsey
Developers had previously opined that Skype is much more than a phone and they have been proved right. One can even use Skype as a cheaper alternative to regular telephones which can help users make cheap international calls. Once installed, this program offers the feel and look of any chat program. Users can easily add contacts, catch up with their friends, exchange pictures videos and do so much more. Its hardly surprising therefore, that Skype has millions of users worldwide.
Skype Credit is another incredible feature offered to its users. Once the user puts in money into his/her account, it converts into Credits. Users can subsequently use these credits in a “pay as you go” manner which offers flexibility as well as convenience.
Why Skype?
The main reason behind the popularity of Skype is by far, its free phone/video calling service. It’s an amazingly useful service which enables internet users to communicate with their loved ones across the globe. Its innovative themes and exciting appearance, in addition to the wide gamut of add-on features, play an important role in attracting new users and retaining existing ones.
Skype has been on the web since 2003, and has garnered invaluable experience in customer satisfaction. Last but not least, Skype also allows you to make calls to land-line phones. Anyone who needs to make calls for business purposes would find it very convenient to download and install Skype, which offers all kinds of packages depending upon the target customer.
How to use Skype?
Once the user installs Skype, they can immediately log in to the software and search contacts they intend to interact with using an email address or username. When the contacts are located, they can then be added to your contacts list. Once your request is accepted, you can start communicating with them straight away. In order to make phone calls though, you would ideally need to have a speaker and a microphone.
A computer’s in-built webcam can also be used for video calling. To make a call, just select the contact and click on the green button to initiate the call and you are good to go. When its time to end the call, just click on the red button. Sounds simple, fun and exciting, doesn’t it?
It’s too easy and comfortable, isn’t it?

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