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Microsoft Word has become the document writing and editing program that for the moment rules the market without a shadow of a doubt. Since Microsoft has appeared on the market it has filled the personal computer world with applications that have designed the building blocks of information and the way that most computers today work.

In this short article I will try to present to you some of the great features that Microsoft Word has to offer and why it has become the most popular program today used for documentation.
First of all when the program was designed they kept in mind the users opinion. They took into consideration the options that they had to incorporate in order to fulfill the customers needs thus the program would have to allow the user ti quickly write and personalise the document after his own desires.

Microsoft Word offers you the basic page layouts that are used mostly in the professional areas and also a few personalised layouts for more pretentious documents. This way you can choose the exact way that your page will look and also you can fit a greater amount of words in the same page surface.
Another basic option that Microsoft Word has is the option to choose your own font. Each of us has developed over time a distinct hand writing. It is said that there are not two people in this whole world that will have the same writing. For that respect Microsoft Word was designed to sustain every ones preferences when it came to writing styles and aspect.

Microsoft Word will allow you to incorporate pictures, movies and eve songs into your documents. This was a new feature that permitted users to add a whole new entertainment twist to the once boring documentation that we were all used to. You could now enter a sound that would be triggered at a designated point by you… the user or movie that would pop out from the background when you reached a certain page.

One of the last beneficial feature that Microsoft Word had to offer was the introduction of tables to the content of the text and also graphs so that if you review the growth of a certain product or market you can detail that growth in a table or with graphical displays.
Microsoft word has revolutionised the document writing industry and has become without a doubt the most common program used for writing purposes.

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