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There are many Microsoft office suites on the market now, some are in fact free. However, Microsoft Office remains the one to have and is used by millions worldwide. Getting trained in the latest software by way of Microsoft Office Classes is worth doing to enhance your skills resume.
There are a number of ways to learn Microsoft Office. One way is to take a college course which may have a certification path. The problem here is that you may not get the individual attention you need in order to consume information properly. Also it can be costly and travel involved. Can you be sure that the course will cover every product in the Office suite of programs or will it cover only a single product?

An alternative is to go out and buy expensive books. These can be cumbersome in size and contain a lot of information that you just do not need to know. When a new version of the software appears you are faced with the problem of having to go out and buy another book. More time, effort and cost is involved here. Your old book goes to the back of the cupboard to make way for the new…(download office from

The other option is to look at online Microsoft Office Classes. Here you can be sure of learning what you need, when you need. You can rewind, pause and play back anything you were not sure about. There is no need to make shelf or cupboard space because there are no materials to buy and you certainly do not need to leave your home to study.

You could even be sitting in a coffee shop or park and providing they have a Wi-Fi or internet connection, you can be sure of continuing your learning.
Generally you should be looking to learn key office components such as Word, Excel and Outlook. You can also add PowerPoint, Access and OneNote if you feel the need.

It is certainly worth adding to your skills set and improving your job prospects by taking Microsoft Office Classes on-line.

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