How to Set Microsoft Security Essentials to Customize a Restore Point Before Applying Malware Action

As you know that Microsoft Security Essentials helps you run virus scans and remove virus, malware etc. to keep your computer safe, but do you know that it can also help you undo and redo the changes to your system settings. You can set Microsoft Security Essentials to create or not to create a restore point before applying malware actions. This Microsoft Security Essentials support tutorial discusses how you customize the Microsoft antivirus program.

Step 1

Look for the Microsoft Security Essentials icon in the system tray and click to open it. If you cannot see the icon in the system tray, click the Start button and navigate to All Programs> Microsoft Security Essentials. When in the Microsoft Security Essentials window, click the Settings tab.

Step 2

Under the Settings tab, click Advanced in the left hand side panel. You will see a list of advanced options in the right hand side. Uncheck the box beside Create a system restore point. Review other settings if you want, otherwise click the Save Changes button and you are done. You can now start running a virus scan and removing malware.

Step 3

You can also configure Microsoft Security Essentials to create a restore point before it applies action to malware by checking the Create a system restore point box again. It will help you save and recover your system settings before the malware breaks into your computer.

Step 4

Click the Save Changes button when you are done. You can now start running a full or custom virus scan of your computer. When done, prompt MSE to remove the virus- or malware-infected files found during the scan. When done, exit the window.

Step 5

You can configure your MSE to scan archive files, removable drives like pen drive, CD etc., or particular files and locations in your computer. Besides, you can set and run automatic scheduled virus scans periodically for the enhanced protection of your computer.
Additional Tips:
It is recommended that you regularly update Microsoft Security Essentials with the latest malware, virus definitions. Updates help your antivirus program know about the ever growing threats and prevent them from taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of your computer.
It is also recommended that you run a full virus scan at least every fortnight or month for the maximum protection of your entire computer data. Also, run custom scans for downloaded files or the removable media drives as these may contain objectionable, susceptible contents. Also make sure that whenever you download something, download it from a trusted website and not from a torrent one.

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