Creating an Effective Microsoft office Powerpoint Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation is a great way to enhance an online presentation or web conference. Follow these easy tips for your most effective presentation. Use clear, large, easy to read fonts. Make sure the font is large enough for the reader and the style clear and easy to read. To make sure the font is large enough, print out the paper and put it on the floor. If you can read it while standing, your readers should be able to see it while viewing the presentation. If it’s hard to read, redo it. Don’t have to make excuses during your meeting. Use a descriptive introductory slide. You may also use a welcome slide to display as the audience is logging on to the session. Include a title and any other pertinent information, such as the company name and contact information. Use clear titles throughout the PowerPoint presentation. Use the templates provided to develop a clear, organized presentation. Provide only key points on your slides, not your entire presentation. Use colors that work well together and be careful with dark colors on a dark background (ie. red text on a black background). They can be hard to read. Be consistent with effects. Keep them to a minimum so that your audience can focus on your message. Use graphs, pictures, and charts to enhance your PowerPoint presentation. Speak clearly and with enthusiasm. By using DoConference for your online presence, you are able to conduct your meeting as if you were at each location! Your audience can see and hear you so take advantage of this to really get your points across. Keep your presentation organized. Practice through the PowerPoint presentation before presenting to make sure all the points are clear and organized. Invite questions at the end of your presentation. If appropriate, have a slide designating a time for a question and answer period at the end of your presentation. With the extra 15 minutes you are given at the end of your presentation, you can be sure to answer all your participants’ questions without feeling rushed. Close with your contact information. Have a slide near or at the end of your presentation with your contact information. List your name and any appropriate contact information. Be sure to thank everyone for watching your online presentation. Practice, practice, practice. Make sure when the time comes to present, you’re ready.

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