Benefits of a USB Headset Certified for Microsoft Office

Should Your USB Headset be Certified for Microsoft Office ? Understanding the Benefits Courtesy

Are you looking for a USB headset that not only provides you with high quality sound, but is also certified for Microsoft Office Communicator? Sometimes it’s hard to choose the correct headset for work or your home office. Before you commit to one, though, ask yourself a few questions: What features do you need? What applications will you use the headset with? Are you going to be using the headset in a loud and busy area? These questions may help to determine which headset is right for you.

The Jabra BIZ 2400
The Jabra BIZ 2400 is a type of USB headset that offers state of the art benefits and features. Here are just a few.
Kevlar reinforced cords- The kevlar reinforced cords are resistant to breaking, stretching, and failure due to stress, weight, pinching, or pulling of the cords. Two earpieces- If you work in a noisy environment, a double earpiece may be helpful to you. This feature serves to block outside noise, while allowing you to concentrate on the conversation at hand. Plug in ability- The convenience of a USB headset allows you to plug directly into your laptop or desktop computer using the USB port. Quality speakers- One of the best features of this headset are the Neodymium speakers. Manufactured from Neodymium magnets, these speakers produce high quality sounds while remaining lightweight. This means you will be able to wear the headset for a longer period of time while enjoying top quality sound.

Microsoft Office Communicator and the Jabra USB headset
Another feature of the Jabra BIZ 2400 headset is the fact that it is certified for Microsoft Office Communicator. This desktop tool is a powerful and sophisticated piece of internet technology that can help you communicate more effectively with your clients.

What does it mean to be certified for use with Microsoft Office Communicator?
Microsoft Office Communications, also called Microsoft Lync, is a type of instant messaging system for both the PC and the Mac. It replaced the old Window’s Messenger and provides more stability and security than the previous instant messenger. Some of the features offered with this tool include:

Voice and Video conferencing, along with visual voicemail. Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft Office. Messages can be sent and received from any type of instant messaging service, allowing you to simply install one service but enjoy access to all. All communication takes place on a local server, and the messages you receive will not filter out into the entire internet. This makes communication much more secure and confidential, which is important when you are working with your clients. New technology has allowed this software to work closely with other types of software on your computer. This means you can easily show your clients power point presentations, whiteboard documents, and desktop applications. You can even create polls and share them with your friends.

If you are looking for a USB headset, make sure to consider all of your options. Figure out what you want your headset to do for you and how it can help you make your business better. Even if you will not currently be taking advantage of all of the advanced features of this USB headset, with the way technology is ever moving forward, it’s always a great idea to opt for a device with more options than you currently need, so you will have room to grow into your product.

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